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GiS page 66 by GuyInSpace GiS page 66 :iconguyinspace:GuyInSpace 5 2 GiS page 65 by GuyInSpace GiS page 65 :iconguyinspace:GuyInSpace 5 4
Dana's Journal, Entry 8
Entry 8
            Taking a walk in the ruins at night while having music play and lights fly around you is not recommended. It would much safer to go around while holding a sign that says, “Please ambush me.” After all, most gang members can’t read. Fortunately, I have many defenses. My first line of defense is my choice of route.
            Some parts of the ruins still have working streetlights. Those areas are the most dangerous, because gangs like to hang out in them after dark. (The streetlights run on high-tech solar-charged batteries which were made right before the Advent. They could be destroyed easily enough, and sometimes they are, but everyone knows they can’t be replaced, so even the gangs will leave them alone). My preferred routes are ones that only mages can use. As it happens, there is a large section of freeway overpass still
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Dana's Journal, Entry 7
Entry 7
            Eastside camp is just over three miles from the site where Jason and I had fought the golems. I wasn’t very concerned about the remnant of void I had left there, but I would be passing through the area on my way home anyway, so it was no extra trouble to check on it. I decided to travel on foot, because I enjoyed a relaxing hike. As soon as I got out of Eastside, I fired up a couple of lights and sent them into orbit around me. Then I put on some music. I could have done this with my tablet – it has nice sound and a huge library. But I made the music using a spell that we wizards call “formwave”.
            A formwave spell takes information from the Form, and converts it into vibrations in the air. The spell follows certain rules for the conversion, which the spellcaster has control over. Ideally, you are able to locate a str
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GiS page 64 by GuyInSpace GiS page 64 :iconguyinspace:GuyInSpace 5 2
Dana's Journal, Entry 6
Entry 6
            After landing on the sidewalk outside the mayor’s property, I noticed a small crowd loitering near her front gate, about twenty meters away. Apparently they were expecting something to happen soon. Maybe she would come out and make a statement? As I pondered this, I realized that some of them were looking at me. A few of them pointed. There was just enough daylight for them to get a good view.
            If I were a more social person, I would have strolled up to the crowd and given them a riveting account of the day’s events. And if I were an owl, I would enjoy eating insects and mice. I turned away from the curious onlookers and walked as fast as I could towards the center of camp to the south. It didn’t take any wizardry to sense that many eyes were watching, and that some of the crowd had broken off from the main group in order
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Dana's Journal, Entry 5
Entry 5
Eastside Camp has a crude wall built around it, made mostly of tires and crushed cars. The camp is home to about fifty thousand people, so it’s a big one. It used to be a residential zone on the outskirts of the city, and still has a lot of the old houses, although none of the original power lines or water lines are working. The guys guarding the main gate took one look at us and waved us in.
Everyone at the camp knew Jason, and soon they would all know he was back, because motorcycles are loud. We went straight to the mayor’s house, which was on the north end of the camp, very close to a creek. A servant came out to meet us and told us to park the motorcycle outside the garage, explaining that the garage was full. He then led us through a simple wooden gate and down a short path to the front door. The house was not especially large, but it had a fresh coat of white paint and was surrounded by beautiful gardens on all sides.
The mayor of Eastside is a round,
:iconguyinspace:GuyInSpace 2 5
Dana's Journal, Entry 3 and Entry 4
Entry 3
The skirmish with the golems marked the beginning of the chaos that has become my life. As I look at what I wrote yesterday, I realize that you still know next to nothing. Here’s the most important thing you should know: for every possibility, there is a place where it is reality. Right now I am sad, and tired, and lonely. But I can take some solace by looking into the Form and seeing that I am also not any of those things. Some people seek refuge in memories. But memories are only as good as the life that wrote them, and the brain that conjures them. Memories fade, and memories lie. The Form does not fade, and it cannot lie. A wizard who contemplates the Form can know directly and immediately that there is an endless multitude of worlds –other realities— that fill the space of possibility. In some of them I sit at this very table, but I am happy, and I have a friend at my side. And then there are worlds that are worse, far worse, than this one. I try t
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Dana's Journal, Entry 1 and Entry 2
Entry 1
My name is Dana, and I’m starting this journal in the hope that it will help me stay sane in the midst of all the recent turmoil. I may decide to delete this before anyone sees it, like my last journal. But in case I don’t, and someone is reading this, I have a pretty good idea of who you are. You are probably a cryo, recently thawed, and you want to know something about the person who saved you from being a permanent popsicle. This is assuming Victor’s plan will actually work, and we successfully thaw cryo-bank Masis. Let’s go with that.
You were dead for about three hundred fifty years. They may call it “stasis” or “coldsleep” but the fact is that you were dead. There have been lots of cryos thawed over the last few centuries, and most of them soon wished they had stayed dead. Usually what happens is, a gang or an army finds a cryo-bank, then someone who is not quite as stupid as the rest of them figures out how to thaw t
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GiS page 63 by GuyInSpace GiS page 63 :iconguyinspace:GuyInSpace 6 3 GiS page 62 by GuyInSpace GiS page 62 :iconguyinspace:GuyInSpace 3 1 Guys In Space page 61 by GuyInSpace Guys In Space page 61 :iconguyinspace:GuyInSpace 3 5 GiS page 60 by GuyInSpace GiS page 60 :iconguyinspace:GuyInSpace 5 6 GiS page 59 by GuyInSpace
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GiS page 57 by GuyInSpace
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I haven't forgotten about Guys In Space, and in fact I'm going to post a new colored page (page 64!) pretty soon. GiS is reaching the climax of the first story-arc, and when that's done we will have an awesome graphic novel.

But today I am focused on a different project. Dana's Journal is a novel that I have been developing in secret for the past few months. I work on it in small increments when I'm home and the mood strikes me. It's a first-person narrative set in a future fantasy world. It tells the story of a young woman with powerful magical gifts, born and raised in the ruins of a great city. I have started posting her journal entries, so take a look.


GuyInSpace's Profile Picture
United States
I am the author of Guys In Space. I also script for The wand and The Sword (by girl-n-herhorse).

Guys In Space is a sci-fi comedy adventure action drama romance ... story. I would like it to be mostly a comedy, but I'm not going to force it. If I can think of something funny that is compatible with the story I want to tell, I'll usually put it in. But I don't feel that it's necessary to put something humorous on every page.



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